The ALQO Ecosystem

The ALQO Ecosystem is a secure and globally-accessible financial and commercial services hub, aggregated under one roof.

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The ALQO Blockchain

The ALQO Blockchain is an open, accessible and secure peer-to-peer digital currency network for sending money instantly around the world, storing economic value, and paying for goods and services in a simple, intuitive and cost-effective way. ALQO uses an advanced Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that comes with built-in security assurances to keep its distributed network resilient against malicious attacks.

Scalable and Resilient

ALQO's Cloud Services are based on a highly-distributed network of over 2,500, always-on global replication servers called masternodes, making it one of the most resilient decentralized cloud networks in the world, and delivering unparalleled levels of resource redundancy, network capacity of takedown resistance.

Sustainable Governance

The ALQO DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) employs a fair and democratic voting process called Carbon Voting, where a single vote is issued against every 1 ALQO held. Network participants can use their voting rights to approve and reject proposals for future developments, with only approved proposals being funded directly by the network, ensuring ALQO's long term development horizon.

Secure and Eco-Friendly

The ALQO network enforces its internal consensus using Proof-of-Stake, an energy-efficient protocol with minimal environmental footprint. Attacking the network requires ownership of 51% of all ALQO in existence, rendering it economically-infeasible and keeping your ALQO safe and secure as a result.

Instant, Low-Fee Transactions

By default, transactions are sent using ALQO's HyperSend, an instant transaction routing and confirmation mechanism that ensure your funds are sent in split seconds and at virtually zero cost.


ALQO features a strict, low-inflation monetary policy that is hard-coded into its protocol as a means of preventing erosion of long-term value. Only 62m ALQO will be created followed by a gradually decreasing 4% annual inflation to incentivize user participation. See ALQO's full economic policy details here


ALQO utilizes an enhanced version of Zerocoin, a computationally-friendly zero-knowledge cryptography protocol for transmitting funds privately and securely across the network, eliminating linkability between sender and receiver.

The ALQO Cloud Network

ALQO Cloud is a multi-purpose service layer allowing the provisioning, management and delivery of decentralized applications to cross-industry consumers. Its security and availability are guaranteed by a scalable network of incentivized, high-availability nodes called Masternodes and Service Nodes. Built on top of this distributed architecture, The ALQO Cloud Framework is a robust set of dAPIs, development and authorship tools, enabling the design and implementation of distribution applications by 3rd parties, adding extra functionality to ALQO's rich service portfolio.



You can use any of ALQO's officially supported wallets to store, manage and track your ALQO, on any device.


Get your ALQO on one of our partnered exchanges listed below.

ALQO's Use Cases And Ownership Benefits

ALQO is designed to act as the lifeblood of the ALQO Ecosystem and is directly used in every interaction with its diverse set services. ALQO benefits significantly from this structure and can be used:

As a payment method:

- ALQO's cloud services consumption

- Smart digital assets issuance

- Smart contracts execution

As collateral:

- Masternode creation - require 10,000 ALQO to operate

- Service node creation - require 500 ALQO to operate


For direct ownership benefits:

- Network governance participation - Vote on development proposals using ALQO's Carbon Voting mechanism, granting 1 vote for each 1 ALQO held

- Community Coin voting - Get 1 vote for every 1 ALQO held and directly vote for future asset listings on Bitfineon. Your vote matters!

- Native base market on Bitfineon - ALQO will be natively paired against all listed coins for added market liquidity

- Cold staking - Use ALQO's Glacier service to generate passive income by allowing the ALQO Cloud Network to store and stake your ALQO for you trustlessly and securely

- Bitfineon SharePool - A revenue sharing program distributing 50% of Bitfineon's operational profits to ALQO holders every day

Learn more about Bitfineon's unique SharePool Programm

Access The Cloud Network Using Liberio

A Multi-Purpose Gateway for ALQO's Cloud Services

Liberio is ALQO's high performance, user friendly, cross-platform thin client for storing, managing and tracking your ALQO on any device. It utilizes ALQO's distributed cloud network to provide seamless, one-click access to every service offered across the ALQO ecosystem using your Thumb ID.

Access Liberio HyperSend

Send ALQO Instantly, for a Fraction of a Penny

Liberio uses ALQO's cutting edge HyperSend instant confirmation mechanism by default, to achieve unparalleled levels of performance. Once sent, funds are received and spendable by the recipient almost instantly and with minimal fees. HyperSend supports a network throughput 20x greater than is possible on the Bitcoin network, for less than a cent.

Access Project Glacier

Trustless Cold Staking via Liberio

Project Glacier is a Liberio-exclusive feature that allows ALQO holders to stake their balance trustlessly using ALQO's large-scale masternode cloud network. With Project Glacier ALQO holders will be able to continuously stake their ALQO around the clock risk-free, as well as participate in ALQO's Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and help secure its network. Glacier makes your money work for you, as it should.

Access Liberio Thumb

Your Personal and Unique ALQO Cloud ID

Liberio Thumb is a decentralized ID-issuance and authentication mechanism for creating unique and persistent cryptographically-secure identity keys on the ALQO cloud. Unlike traditional centralized cloud services, your Thumb ID is issued and stored on ALQO's decentralized cloud and cannot be stolen, violated, modified or tampered-with in any way. Creating your Thumb ID is as easy as choosing a catchy username, and lets you access every service Liberio and the ALQO network have to offer.

Use your Thumb ID to send and receive ALQO, message your friends using LibChat, get paid using an easy-to-remember alias instead of long and complex public addresses, easily recover all of your ALQO private keys, and much more.

Access LibChat

The Future of Blockchain-Powered Decentralized Encrypted Messaging

Send instant p2p messages to anyone, anywhere in the world for free using LibChat, Liberio's decentralized messaging app. Using state-of-the-art network discovery and encryption services powered by the ALQO masternode cloud, LibChat comes equipped with device-to-device, instant encrypted messaging with perfect forward secrecy, full IP obfuscation and no service fees. LibChat allows users to send each other direct messages using each other's Thumb IDs - No e-emails, phone numbers or other personal identification required. Messages are forwarded directly by ALQO's masternode cloud to users' devices and are never stored anywhere, providing a cryptographically-safe communication environment.

One-Click Payments For Goods And Services

using Payinx (coming soon)

Liberio readily supports ALQO's Payinx service, a payment processor and multi-asset gateway allowing vendors and merchants to accept ALQO and other cryptocurrencies for goods and services, both online and in-store. Once Payinx launches, users will easily be able to make online payments using Liberio and their Thumb ID, and access a streamlined and secure checkout process with any supported merchant.

Bitfineon Link

One-Click Deposits & Withdrawals and Trading on Bitfineon

Liberio allows anyone to easily participate in ALQO's decentralized governance by quickly voting on any proposal submitted to the network. Liberio's voting engine makes use of ALQO's Carbon Voting principle - a single vote is issued for every 1 ALQO that users hold on their Liberio wallet, lowering the barrier to entry and facilitating a fair and universally-inclusive democratic voting process. Liberio makes it easier than ever to vote on the issues that matter to you.

Access NodeSight

Masternode Management Made Simple

Liberio's NodeSight allows users to create, manage and track all of their ALQO masternodes using a simple, unified interface. Get real-time notifications over any event related to your nodes, such as downtime and payment, and be better informed about your virtual ALQO assets.

Carbon Voting

Participate in ALQO's Democratic Process

Liberio allows anyone to easily participate in ALQO's decentralized governance by quickly voting on any proposal submitted to the network. Liberio's voting engine makes use of ALQO's Carbon Voting principle - a single vote is issued for every 1 ALQO that users hold on their Liberio wallet, lowering the barrier to entry and facilitating a fair and universally-inclusive democratic voting process. Liberio makes it easier than ever to vote on the issues that matter to you.


Blockchain Design Parameters and Distribution

ALQO is designed with economic scarcity in mind to maintain healthy market liquidity and value. ALQO combines a powerful set of demand generation factors with built-in supply and annual inflation constraints to preserve its long term value.

1st November 2017
1st Block
100.001 XLQ Premined [Info]
1st November 2018
Premine Burn
100.001 XLQ Burn
Proof of Stake
30th August 2018
Switch to PoS
Block 409001 Switch [Info]
Current Price 118 sats
  • Name ALQO
  • Ticker XLQ
  • PoW Algorithm Quark (Inactive)
  • Consensus Mechanism Modified Proof-of-Stake
  • Block Target 60 seconds
  • Block Maturity 30 Confirmations
  • Max circulating supply 63,816,840
  • Annual Inflation 4%, decreasing annually

Proof of Work Distribution


Proof of Stake Distribution

Read more about ALQO

Learn more about ALQO and its ecosystem by reading our whitepaper, recent medium articles and press releases.

Atlas Update
Interview with Jared Grey

Road Map

November 2017
  • MainNet-Launch
  • ALQO Orbit
  • ALQO Pool
Q4 2017
  • Bitcointalk Rework
  • Website Rework
Q4 2017
Listing & Improvements
  • Initial Exchange Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Masternode Setup Video
  • ALQO Hosting Service
Q1 2018
  • Advanced Explorer Features
  • CoinExchange Listing
Q2 2018
  • Bitfineon Introduction
  • Coinfolium Introduction
  • Liberio Introduction
Q3 2018
  • Liberio Framework
  • Bitfineon Beta
  • ZeroCoin Implementation
Q4 2018
  • Janus
  • Inspeq
  • Whitepaper 2.0
Q1 2019
  • PayInX
  • Blockchain Sharding
  • Partnerships
Q2 2019
  • Covenant
  • Gavel
  • Formulation of AGCR
Q3 2019
  • AGCR Bitfineon Integration
  • QuickCommits Platform (QCP)
  • dApp API Framework
Q4 2019
  • ALQO Network Infrastructure
  • Segregated Witness (SegWit)
  • Lightning Network

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