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10. November 2017

Forced Masternode Rewards

Masternode will run similar to rewards on Kryposzene's Bitcoin Casinos , so that every Block will pay MN-Rewards and all Masternode Operators will together receive 20% of each Block. (80/20)

11. November 2017

Getting listed

Alqo Dev Team will start asking exchanges to list ALQO. The Candidates will be settled at the 10. November. (Discord voting!)

12. November 2017


Maybe you already realised that we only want to provide the good stuff, and we are still not happy with our website, which pushed us back a little. We should be able to release (with some "soon" sections) on the 12th November.

13. November 2017

Official Masternode Service

Up to now, Alqo Dev Pixelz will have started a Masternode service, where you can easy set up a MN without having ANY knowledge for a small fee per month.

November 2017

Updated Wallet

We will update our Core Wallet with the a big update, more information about this will be available soon.

November 2017

Getting on MNRANK.COM and others

At least mnrank, others possible. Will be initiated directly after getting listed on coinmarketcap. This also counts for whattomine.

Early to Mid 2018


New handmade Wallet. Compatible with lots of devices. No full Blockchain download. Easy to operate, smooth and elegant design.

Early to Mid 2018


It's still a secret thing - we can't tell the plans here yet, since it's a game changer and we don't want our idea to get cloned.


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