Help to secure our ALQO network

Alqo Masternodes support the Alqo Network in a few ways. With Masternodes users are able to mix their coins for the Alqo Shroud, which enables private Transactions. Also it helps user to download the Blockchain fast and reliable and another important feature is that Masternodes help the Blockchain to confirm transactions. With these supportant features Alqo masternode receive rewards for doing their "job".

If you want to run a Alqo Masternode yourself you will need to acquire at least 10.000 ALQO and a rented server, or 24/7 running PC. Never run any masternode? Visit for a easy set up and server rental system made by the Alqo Core Team.

Block Block Reward Masternode Reward
2 - 86400 200 ALQO 40.0 ALQO
86401 - 151200 150 ALQO 37.5 ALQO
151201 - 302400 125 ALQO 37.5 ALQO
302401 - 345600 100 ALQO 35.5 ALQO
345601 - 388800 75 ALQO 30.0 ALQO
388801 - 475200 50 ALQO 20.0 ALQO