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Liberio Launch

We are excited to introduce the much anticipated Liberio Framework, our multi-purpose gateway for ALQO's cloud services. Over the past few months, thru extensive R&D and additional layers of product design, Liberio has evolved from its original purpose of a cross-platform thin client, into a full-fledged framework promoting accessibility & mass market adoption by offering streamlined & intuitive one-click access to every service within the ALQO network. Including but not limited to:

- Project Glacier: ALQO's decentralized, trustless, masternode-based cold staking mechanism
- Liberio Thumb: ALQO's decentralized cloud ID issuance & authentication mechanism
- NodeSight: Create, manage & track all of their ALQO masternodes using a simple, unified interface
- HyperSend: ALQO's ultra-fast transaction confirmation mechanism, enabled on Liberio by default
- Bitfineon: Trade ALQO quickly & easily via ALQO's next generation crypto & fiat exchange
- LibChat: An end-to-end encrypted, device-to-device fee-free decentralized messenger with perfect forward secrecy
- Payinx: A fast, universal payment gateway & processor used to pay for goods & services
- Carbon Voting: ALQO's 1-ALQO-1-Vote governance portal, simplified through Liberio

Liberio is built to be an expandable framework with plug-&-play capabilities for easy development in addition to its rich services economy. As a result, the list will grow longer as the ALQO ecosystem continues to mature.

Check out Liberio & its new website:

Feel free to browse the Liberio page and read about all the features: liberio
A powerhouse of functionality

After extensive stress-testing and quality assurance rounds, we're very excited to announce our next and most advanced release to date: Atlas - a high-performance, resilient, feature-heavy full client. Aside from its diverse feature set, Atlas' unique architecture will form the basis of ALQO's new network infrastructure to create a best-in-class distributed cryptographic payment network, and further fuel our mass adoption strategy. Atlas' release is a significant milestone as it not only completely transforms ALQO's large-scale masternode network, but allows our upcoming thin client, Liberio, to better harness its power and become more scalable than ever before.

Please head over to our recently-published Medium article for a much more in-depth overview about ALQO's current status as a project, the changes that Atlas brings with it, the rich list of new features, the early switch-over to Proof-of-Stake, the new block reward structure and much more. It can be found at:

Atlas is now available on GitHub, and the new protocol version will enter effect on Tuesday, August 28th. We understand that a 1 week window may not be doable for a portion of our masternode operating community, and have therefore introduced a soft-spork mechanism instead of the standard hard-enforcement policy. This means that while the 28th is the effective cut-off date for enforcing the new protocol, it can be remotely adjusted and delayed somewhat if we see that the network has not seen a 51% adoption rate of the new client by the 28th.

Rest assured that your nodes and rewards are safe, but request that you update them as soon as possible. Please download Atlas now at:

Please note: Anyone running Atlas on a unix-based machine, whether using the pre-compiled version or compiling from source, should use the following command line: 'sudo apt-get install -y libevent-dev'. This is to download and install the libevent-dev package, which is required due to the integration of several event-based functions into Atlas.

Also the new Atlas needs to reindex your blockchain. To speed that process up we are going to supply a bootstrap of the current blockchain state. Once you've downloaded the bootstrap.dat from here just copy it into your blockchain folder - next to your alqo.conf and masternode.conf and start the Atlas QT.

We look forward to an exciting future for ALQO and its planetary system as we move into the market-readiness phase of our strategy. Expect future announcements!


Download pre-compiled wallets
Jared Grey joins executive team

To the ALQO community,

Hi all! My name is Jared. The purpose of this announcement is to tell you about my integration in to the executive team as CEO for Bitfineon GmbH, the parent company of ALQO, Bitfineon exchange, and upcoming accompanying products. I will be assuming Kaan's role on the executive team. He will remain on the team as a valued advisor, but has personal endeavors that will consume the majority of his time moving forward. I’d like to thank Kevin, Moh and Kaan for the opportunity to be a part of Bitfineon GmbH and serve its community. I very much look forward to the launch of the Bitfineon exchange, which we’ve been working very hard on for weeks.

I come from a successful, nearly 20-year, business background in IT, sales management and finance and have been in crypto project management for several projects prior to my involvement with ALQO (some community members already know me from previous projects). My experience in traditional business development and crypto project management makes me the ideal candidate for stewarding Bitfineon GmbH moving forward. My goals for ALQO, Bitfineon exchange, and the rest of the planetary system are to grow the market presence and use case(s) of ALQO within its predetermined structures, while introducing new and exciting products and ideas to expand its potential.

Warmest Regards,

Official Video Announcement